My Calculator Q&A

1.How to start?

Click “1″,”2″,”3″,”+” and “=”,you will get into My private messages.



2.Why the messages still come into the regular inbox, not My private message ?

Pls check if your adding number and your phone number for receive sms are the same , including country code and area code , (ex: If your number is +12001234567, you should add +12001234567). Then you could close and open again the privacy protection in mpm’s settings , restart your phone is better.

3. How to get the number that the app could identify correctly ?

Pls run “Messages”(the SMS application comes with the system), find the man that you want ,then long press one of his messages , then choose “View message details” in the menu ,the “From number” is the number that the app could identify correctly.

4.After I press the desktop button to go to desktop , if I want to restart the app, why I have to log-in it once again ?

When mpm interface does not run in the foreground, it will log out automatically, so you have to log-in it once again to restart it , that`s for protect your privacy in order to avoid other people using your cell phone and see your privacy when you forget to close mpm.

5.What is the virtual message?

Virtual sms is to falsify an other phone number to send you a sms .Virtual sms is another way to remind you private message is coming , you can choose the original notification or virtual SMS as you like .

6.Other people can see my trace in google market’s download list if I have download this app “My private messages” . Is there a way to let it be more secretive ?

If you do not want to show your record of “My private messages” in google market’s download list , you can use the APK installation package to installe . First,uninstall your “My private messages” downloaded from google market ,reboot your phone,and confirm market download tab has not “My private messages” app,then click here to download and install the new one . Then your record will not show in google market’s download list.


7.How remove a contact from the private list?

8.I want to change password,what’s default password?

The default password is 123,when you changed password ,please use your password plus “+=” to login.

9.I want to get a notification when private message coming,but I can’t get it ,why?

Please check you disable “Close Notification”

10.How to block contact’s call ?